Thoughtfulness is evident in the way I handle clay and necessary when viewing or handling my work. I skillfully employ basic, traditional methods of hand building to emphasize the scope of possibility within the medium.  I adjust the clay ingredients and paper content to best suit the forms that I am working on.  The paper fiber is added to increase green strength without compromising the final piece.  The methods I employ while constructing are integral to the final presentation of the work. I want the process of creation to be visible to the viewer: when two pieces of clay are joined together I leave a seam line, each pinched mark is left intact so when looked at closely my fingerprints can be seen. By making objects out of a fragile and precious material, I expect the delicate nature of the work to provoke a heightened awareness and sensitivity on the part of the viewer. 

All of my work is fired to high temperature, 2150 degrees Fahrenheit, in a reduction kiln. So despite their delicate appearance, the pieces are quite durable.The outside of each piece is without glaze.  It has a slight sheen to it which has a soft, warm feel when being handled.  At such high temperatures, the clay begins to melt as it vitrifies, making each piece translucent.  The glaze on the inside of each piece has neodymium in it, a rare earth oxide.  The glaze shifts from a grayish blue to a lavender depending on the quality of light.  Each functional piece is microwave and dishwasher safe.